And more ghetto nonsense as usual in ghetto SE Queens and in was seems to be getting worse by the minute, Ozone Park.

Let’s see, a Thursday night at 9:30pm, men in their 30’s just hanging out in a playground, SURE, nothing can go wrong with that scenario in the ghetto, especially on a hot evening.

As usual ghetto folks behaving ghetto.


From The Daily News:

Man fatally shot during argument near Queens playground

The victim, who’s in his 30s, was blasted once in the chest on 88th St. by Atlantic Ave. in Ozone Park.


A man was shot dead during an argument across from a Queens playground Thursday night, cops said.

The victim, who’s in his 30s, was blasted once in the chest on 88th St. by Atlantic Ave. in Ozone Park, near the London Planetree Playground, just after 9:30 p.m., police said. Police have not yet released the victim’s name.

He was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he died, authorities said.

Cops were searching the scene for evidence early Friday morning.


Cops were searching the scene for evidence early Friday morning.

Police are asking anyone with info about the shooting to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.


One of the biggest problems with SE Queens besides some of the residents and apathy are the lack of proper and good leadership for years and decades. It has been the same SHIT it seems like forever. Names like Comrie, Meeks, Cook, Spigner, Flake, Scarborough, Smith and Ruben Wills, one of the biggest douchebags to ever set foot in the political arena and that is a feat in itself considering that the majority of NYC elected officials are worth shit. Do nothings, kiss asses, crooked, corrupt, idiots and political whores and nowhere is that more apparent in the step-bastard borough of Queens from the Queens Borough Presidents, past and present all the ways down to council members, like 12 years of nothing with Comrie. SE Queens and Jamaica have been CRAP for decades, proving that there is very ineffective leadership. Currently I would say the best in the SE Queens area are Senator Tony Avella (who covers a small portion of the area), Councilman Donovan Richards and lately I have been growing fond of Councilman I. Daneek Miller and who has proposed several good bills since he has been in office.

Now time for some major spring cleaning and that cleaning is dumping that big asshole Ruben Wills. So step in Richard Donovan who is announcing his bid for Will’s seat in District 28. The way I look at it, even the current person has no done anything, throw his or her ass OUT and replace them. Should David win, eyes will be on him to promote change and help improve the area, otherwise, out he will go as well.

So eyes are on  you David.

Also we need some NEW YOUNG blood in office in SE Queens and someone other than the same old black hack politicians, since the community needs a more diverse group in leadership to reflect the changing community.


From Communities of Color:

Richard David Announces City Council Bid

March 22, 2017
Candidate Richard David

Richard David announced his candidacy for NYC Council District 28 on Valentine’s Day. The seat is currently held by Council Member Ruben Wills.
David is the former Vice President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation. He also was the Executive Director at the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and a member of Community Board 9.
Davis is a resident of Richmond Hills and deeply rooted in that area of the District. Richmond Hills is the area of the District where Sikh temples exists alongside Mosques. The stretch of Liberty Avenue in the district is known to many as “Little Guyana” due to its large population of Indo-Caribbean residents.
David is the co-founder of the Indo-Caribbean Alliance which does outreach and community events in South Queens.
Despite his deep roots in Richmond Hills, he is no stranger to the other areas of the District which in lude Rochdale Village, South Ozone Park and South Jamaica. He is in attendance at area civic meetings, vigils and town halls. David is well known by area civic leaders and elected officials.
David is the first candidate to officially declare his intentions for the seat. Hettie Powell, an attorney from Rochdale Village, has expressed interest in running, has made a filing for the seat but has made no formal announcement. Adrienne Adams, Community Board 12 Chairperson, is rumored to be entering the race. She most recently unsuccessfully ran for NYS Senator District 10 against Senator James Sanders Jr.
“Local government has been virtually absent in my district for several years now. Our residents have been locked out of vital decisions, we do not have a respected voice fighting to bring more resources into the community and our quality of life has decreased,” said Richard David in a statement announcing his candidacy.
Wills is currently on trial for falsifying business records and third degree grand larceny charges. As a result of his indictments, Council Member Wills was stripped of his ability to designate grants to community groups in 2014. Council Member Wills spent the most part of last year on sick leave from the Council for an undisclosed illness.



SE QUEENS, that mecca of ghetto, crap, garbage and human pieces of shit. We have a nice array here from Richmond Hill to Rochdale and in between. Of course Jamaica, where the notorious drug area around 171st St and 107 Ave saw some gun activity. I mean who the fuck is raising these folks. Hell, they would have a better chance being raised by wolves.

REMEMBER: You are responsible for your behavior, your actions and your outcome in life. NOBODY ELSE. You chose the path of ghetto shit and that is how you end up. NO FUCKING EXCUSES or BLAME GAME.


From The Daily News:

Woman, 30, stabbed in head with scissors o

M2 Billiards Lounge on Lefferts Blvd. near Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill.


A Queens woman was stabbed in the head with a pair of scissors during an early morning brawl Monday outside a pool hall, sources said.

The 30-year-old woman got into the scrap on the sidewalk outside the M2 Billiards Lounge on Lefferts Blvd. near Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill at about 2:20 a.m.

During the fight, a woman grabbed the victim’s arm and a man slammed the scissors against her head.

A 28-year-old male friend of hers screamed, “Hey, she’s a girl, leave her alone.” He was punched and kicked for his trouble.


From The Daily News:

Queens woman, 27, shot in ankle after stray bullet fires through window

Three bullets smashed windows in her apartment. One of them grazed her ankle, sources said.

(Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News)

A Queens woman is lucky to be alive, after a stray bullet smashed her window and slammed into her ankle as she lay on her bed, sources said.

The 27-year-old woman was lying on her bed Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on 171st St. near 107th Ave. in Jamaica when gunfire erupted outside.

Three bullets smashed windows in her apartment. One of them grazed her ankle, sources said.

She called out in pain, and her cousin called 911. Cops found five shell casings outside, but have not made any arrests.

From Queens Courier:

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

A 30-year-old woman is now under arrest for allegedly murdering her aunt with a cleaver inside the south Queens home they shared last week.

Elizabeth Sanchez (aka Digna Sanchez-Ortiz) is charged with killing Maria Palaguachi, 50, at their home on 174th Street between 137th and 140th avenues in Rochdale on the morning of March 16.

According to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, Sanchez attacked Palaguachi with a meat cleaver, striking her multiple times in the head, neck and shoulder.

Maria Palaguachi (photo via Facebook)

The motive for the attack is unknown and remains under investigation, police said. The New York Daily News reported that police had been called to the location multiple times in the past year for reported domestic disturbances.

Officers from the 113th Precinct were called to the scene and found Palaguachi’s bloodied body just after 11 a.m. on March 16. Responding EMS units pronounced hear dead at the scene. The cleaver was recovered.

Following an investigation by the 113th Precinct Detective Squad, Sanchez was taken into custody on charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. She is presently awaiting arraignment in Queens Criminal Court.

Sanchez faces up to 25 years to life behind bars if convicted, Brown said.

From Queens Times Ledger:

Jamaica man sentenced to 24 years in burglaries, conspiracy

Leasure will serve 24 years for the 2015 home invasion burglaries and conspiracy.

JAMAICA — A Jamaica man was sentenced to 24 years in prison for conspiring to murder a witness to two home invasions he committed in March 2015, the Queens DA said.

Edward Leasure, 37, was arrested that month and pleaded guilty to burglary and conspiracy in August 2016, according to DA Richard Brown.

“Prospective witnesses in criminal cases must be protected at all times from outside interference, intimidation and threats of violence in order to insure the fair administration of justice,” Brown said about the sentencing. “In this case, the defendant admitted his guilt and the sentence imposed reflects the seriousness of his crimes.”

Brown said Leasure knocked on the front door of a Queens home on the morning of March 16, 2015. Clad in a ski mask and black jacket, he entered the house and pulled a firearm on a woman and her husband, demanding to see a “safe.”

“You had a big party Saturday night. I know you have a safe,’” Leasure allegedly said in sum and substance, according to the DA. “Show me the safe or I’ll shoot your wife in the foot!”

The woman gave him $300 and he fled, entering a nearby home reportedly to evade police capture. He held a woman and a man hostage at gunpoint, according to the DA. Brown said the phone rang at one point, with Leasure directing the man to pick up the phone and speak only English. A man speaking in Bengali asked on the other end of the line if there was a man with a gun in the house, telling the man held hostage to respond that he would see him for dinner if that was the case.

“‘OK, OK, OK, yes, dinner,” the man said, according to the DA’s office.

Leasure later conspired with his father, Eddie Marcus, 53, and his girlfriend, Latisha Larrymore, 31, to hire a hitman who would murder the witnesses in the home invasion trial, the DA said. Both Larrymore and Marcus were charged and are awaiting trial. Larrymore told authorities that Leasure told her to meet with Marcus, saying Marcus had found a “lawyer” who could handle the situation. The DA’s office said “lawyer” was a code for “hitman.”

Leasure was sentenced to 24 years for the home invasion burglaries as well as a concurrent 12-year term for the charge of conspiracy.

Reach reporter Patrick Donachie by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4573.


AND who says you can’t judge a book by its cover, probably some far left progressive liberal who thought “Stop & Frisk” and “The Broken Window Theory” was a bad idea. BUT if “Stop & Frisk” and “The Broken Window Theory” are used PROPERLY, they can be very useful, especially in SE QUEENS, which NEEDS “Stop & Frisk” and “The Broken Window Theory”. These two knucklehead hood rats below would have been stopped before they committed a College Point robbery. Just looking at the photo and their stance, etc, one can see that these hood rats were up to no good. The photo alone tells a very good picture, let alone if you saw them actually moving as the video shows.

So YES, you can judge a book by its cover sometimes, especially when it comes to the dirty SE Queens and beyond and some of its ghetto residents like the two below.

By the way hood rats, don’t you know big brother is always watching. I mean how fucking stupid are you to think that you can get away with this crap in this day and age when you are always on Candid Camera.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Police searching for suspects in College Point robbery

Police are searching for these men in connection to a robbery in College Point.

Police were searching for two men suspected of robbery in College Point.

According to police, at 5:25 p.m. Friday a 47-year-old man entered his home on 12th Avenue and 120th Street to find two men in his living room. Police said one of the men pointed a black firearm at the victim and demanded he leave the house. The victim complied and ran to his neighbor’s house where he called the police. When officers arrived, the two men had already fled in an unknown direction. Police investigations revealed that the two men used an unknown object to gain entry into the home through the front door. No one was injured during the robbery.

Police described both suspects as Hispanic men who are 5-foot-10 inches tall.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

Reach Gina Martinez by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4566.

Photo via Google Maps/Inset courtesy of NYPD

College Point resident entered his home and was greeted by two armed robbers in his living room last week, according to authorities.

On Friday, March 10 at approximately 5:25 p.m., the 47-year-old male victim walked into his home, located in the vicinity of 12th Avenue and 120th Street, when he observed two individuals in his living room, police said.

One of the suspects proceeded to point a black firearm at the victim and demanded that he leave the residence. The victim complied and ran to his neighbor’s house to call the police.

When officers from the 109th Precinct arrived, the individuals had already fled the scene in an unknown direction. There were no reported injuries.

An investigation determined that the duo used an unknown object to gain entry through the front door.

Both suspects are described as Hispanic males who are approximately 5 foot 10 inches.

Video footage of the two suspects can be seen below.


Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577. All calls and messages are kept confidential.


So Merrick Blvd is becoming the New Willets Point, with all the thug auto body shops that have taken over the streets and sidewalks with their junked and unlicensed vehicles, Jamaica is becoming the Homeless Hotel Shelter Village and South Ozone Park is becoming the new East New York and the SE Queens area keeps on going down the ghetto shitter. Wait till HOMELESS HOTEL SHELTER ARMAGEDDON happens.



From Queens Courier:

The officers involved in the arrest (from left to right): Sergeant Calvin Fergus, Lieutenant Frank DiPreta, Police Officers Patrick Cahill, Timothy Winter and William Sutherland, and Sergeant Joseph Muir.

The officers involved in the arrest (from left to right): Sergeant Calvin Fergus, Lieutenant Frank DiPreta, Police Officers Patrick Cahill, Timothy Winter and William Sutherland, and Sergeant Joseph Muir.

Cops caught a trio of alleged burglars who were packing heat while attempting to enter a home in South Ozone Park on Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

According to police, the trouble began at about 1:15 p.m. on Feb. 28, when plainclothes members of the 106th Precinct‘s Anti-Crime Unit responded to a 911 call of a reported burglary at a home in the vicinity of the Van Wyck Expressway and 105th Avenue.

When they arrived, the officers interviewed the complainant, who provided them with a description of the perpetrators and the direction in which they were headed. The officers transmitted that information via radio to other officers in the area and began a search.

Moments later, law enforcement sources said, responding uniformed officers spotted two men and a female fitting the description of the suspects in the burglary attempt walking westbound on 107th Avenue. When the officers attempted to stop them, one of the men — Jamel Lewis, 39, of 135th Street in South Ozone Park — was observed allegedly dropping a gun to the ground.

The uniformed officers then exited the car and approached the three suspects. The other man in the trio, identified as Shawn Baker, 33, of Richmond, VA, was observed reaching into his waistband, while the female with him — Tiffany Rutledge, 34, also of Richmond, VA — dropped her purse.

Cops were able to recover from Baker’s waistband a loaded Smith and Wesson .38-caliber revolver; they also found a loaded .22-caliber revolver in Rutledge’s purse. Police also recovered the gun Lewis allegedly dropped, a 9mm Hi-Point handgun.

The guns and ammunition seized in South Ozone Park on Feb. 28.

Baker, Lewis and Rutledge were taken into custody without incident. After learning that they exited a Lincoln Navigator parked nearby, police approached the SUV and observed ammunition in plain sight.

After obtaining a warrant, officers searched the SUV and recovered 200 rounds of various ammunition and a .40-caliber Hi-Point handgun.

Police charged the three suspects with various counts of criminal possession of a weapon and criminal trespass; Baker was additionally charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.



I applaud these LGBTQ teens from Cambria Heights and other parts of SE Queens to speak up. The Cambria Height’s Library is the first branch in Queens to offer a safe space to LGBTQ students and their allies and I also applaud this library branch for having an outlet for these teens. I mean considering that Jamaica and the SE Queens area, which is heavily black, home to many Muslims and with many religious folks (and hypocritical ones at that), is not known for being very gay friendly or tolerant. But ironically, Jamaica and SE Queens does have a sizeable gay population of all the various ethnic groups here (though most keep it quiet or on the DL, which they should not have to). You would be surprise how many gay/bi people are in this community. But in this close minded, religious, god fearing community, many gay or bi people tend to keep things under wrap and that should not be the case. People should be free to be who they are, period. For you religious folks shaking your head, ask “what would Jesus do”.

Again KUDOS to these teens for speaking out at their age and in a not so gay friendly community.


From Queens Press:

LGBTQ Teens Speak Out


Leanne Waldron, Benjamin Hogarth, Isaiah Peters, Alex Hamilton, Jennifer Ulcena, Ashley McBurnie. Leaders from the Teen Advisory Board counsel LGBTQ students who face bullying about their identity. Photo by Tatyana Bellamy-Walker.


When one Southeast Queens student is asked how LGBTQ stereotypes effect bullying, she doesn’t have to think about it for too long.

Fourteen-year-old Kyanna Ali, an LGBTQ ally and a member of the only LGBTQ teen club in Cambria Heights, says her family accuses her of being gay. Ali, who is most comfortable wearing sweatpants and other articles of clothing typically considered “boyish,” said she had to change her wardrobe to include crop tops and skinny jeans in eighth grade just to avoid the rumors.

“I’m a tomboy. I like to play basketball, but it doesn’t mean I’m gay,” said Ali, who attends John Adams High School in Ozone Park. “I would always think to myself ‘what is my appearance doing wrong? So I decided to change my outfits.”

LGBTQBut the taunting didn’t stop. Ali’s parents and classmates continued to falsely disclose her sexuality to others.
“I felt hurt,” said Ali, who identifies as heterosexual. “I don’t know how to make them believe that I’m not [gay].

People to this day look at me in a different way and even call me names.”

For now, Ali fends off the false accusations with confessing her male crushes. As a woman who identified as straight, she often shares sympathy for young members of the LGBTQ community, considering the actions of her own parents.

“If I was bisexual or gay, why are you going to abandon your child?” asked Ali. “Spreading rumors that are not true are going to hurt me.”

Every month, Ali is joined by about a dozen students who struggle with LGBTQ micro-aggressions, daily slights of discrimination, as a result of their sexual identity. The Cambria Height’s Library is the first branch in Queens to offer a safe space to LGBTQ students and their allies.

For more than a year, Amber Loveless, a young adult librarian, has organized student led discussions about high school crushes, building confidence and finding a local LGBTQ role model.

“We haven’t talked about coming out [yet], but it probably will be a topic in the future,” Loveless said. “I’m here as a moderator. They come up with the monthly topics.”

Jasmine, 15, whose last name is not provided to protect her privacy, said she does not label her sexuality. She likes “anyone with a good heart.” Raised in a Moroccan household, Jasmine says her family believes being gay is a “strict sin.”

“It was a complete no-no in my mother’s country,” said Jasmine, a student at the Humanities and The Arts Magnet High School in Cambria Heights. “She says ‘you know you can go to hell for that. The only reason people are gay is because they have some kind of issue’.”

If Jasmine were to disclose her sexuality, she fears being disowned by her family.

“I know if I defend [myself], I’m going to make it seem obvious,” Jasmine said. “I know in my family. They’re never going to accept it. My mom would be embarrassed.”

A friend of Jasmine’s recently transferred schools after being bullied for their sexuality.

“They laughed at him and asked him if he likes girls,” Jasmine said. “It made me feel sad. No one should go through that just for being themselves.”

For the students at the LGBTQ center, the club is a haven for self-expression and freedom. News and pop culture are frequent topics at the meetings. After the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando, Florida last June, one student recalled being afraid to reveal the truth about their sexuality.

“It made me feel like I can’t be accepted in this world. They can accept everyone else so why can’t they accept me?” asked Adeejah,14, who identifies as bi-curious. “My brother was scared that something like this could happen in New York that can endanger him and his spouse.”

Adeejah added, “My brother started to cry. I never felt so bad.”

Currently, Adeejah is waiting until she’s an adult to come out about her sexuality.

According to the True Colors Fund, a housing advocacy program for LGBTQ youth, about 40 percent of LGBTQ youths experience homelessness. Considering that LGBTQ youth account for only seven percent of the population, these statistics are disproportionally high. The report said that homeless LGBTQ youth are at a greater risk of unsafe sexual practices, victimization, and mental trauma.

The Queens Library Teen Advisory Board (TAB), a peer-mentoring program which offers opportunities for civic engagement, said they counsel students who are struggling with their identity.

“Be courageous and stand up for yourself,” said Benjamin Hogarth,17, to one teen. “Be mindful of who you are surrounding yourself with.”

Hogarth added, “Bullying really starts with social media. People on social media are the ones to say stuff about you.”

According to the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and, 42 percent of LGBTQ youth have experienced cyberbullying. At least 35 percent of LGBTQ youth have received online threats, according to the report.

The president of TAB, Jennifer Ulcena, 17, of the Young Women’s Leadership School in Queens added, “There are a lot of pages on social media that can support [LGBTQ students]. For example, the male makeup artist that is now on Cover Girl can be an inspiration.”

Jaszmyne B.,16, of Hempstead, said her mom discovered she was gay while she was talking on the phone with a girlfriend. Jaszmyne’s mom is supportive, but some of her friends are not as lucky.

Jaszmyne recalled her male friend being called a “f****t” for wearing hair extensions.

“Everyone was bothering him and messing with his hair,” Jaszmyne said. “He cried. His parents came [to the school] and I never saw him again.”

“Just let people live their life,” she thought wishfully.

Those who would like to or may know someone that would like to take part in the monthly meetings, contact at Queens Library Cambria Heights branch, by calling (718) 528-3535. The library is located at 218-13 Linden Blvd.

The group meets once a month on a Wednesday.



Did not take long for the first murder of 2017 and of course it took place in the shitty dirty SE Queens. Some papers state Ozone Park, others like The Daily News states South Richmond Hill, but it does not matter it is all part of the shitty ghetto SE Queens.

Two brothers were shot, the one fatally after a botched robbery as the brothers came from a notorious problematic club in South Richmond Hill, The Underground, which residents have said should be closed because of constant problems and fighting. Of course it is problematic, it is ghetto SE Queens.

Well, now we have our first murder and it did not happen in Jamaica, but hey, there is a whole year for misbehaving ghetto hood rats.

Ghetto savages – Mirror – HOLD IT UP.

Welcome ghetto 2017.


From The Daily News:

Queens man fatally shot, brother injured in NYC’s first homicide of 2017


Ricky Kalisaran, 31, was fatally shot during an apparent attempted robbery on Monday, police said.

In the first homicide of the new year, a gunman killed a 31-year-old Queens man early Monday during an attempted robbery and shot the victim’s 24-year-old brother in the back, police said.

The botched robbery left Sunny Kalisaran, 24, hospitalized without the knowledge that his older sibling, Ricky Kalisaran, 31, was dead, friends said.

The perp shot the siblings in front of a building on 124th St. near Liberty Ave. in South Richmond Hill at about 3:25 a.m., officials said.

A co-worker of the survivor said the brothers had spent Sunday night at The Underground Lounge, a club on 123rd St. near Liberty Ave., about a block away from the crime scene.

Nine wounded, two dead in seven separate violent incidents

They were walking toward their grey Infiniti when the robber approached them and demanded their valuables at gunpoint.

The brothers refused and struggled for the gun, sources said. The gunman shot them, then an accomplice pulled up in a dark sedan and they fled.

se-queens-shooting2Police said a gunman killed a 31-year-old Queens man early Monday and shot his 24-year-old brother in the back.

(Danny Iudici/for New York Daily News)

Five blocks from the murder scene, at 103rd Ave. and Lefferts Blvd., they crashed into another car before fleeing onto the Belt Parkway, sources said. No one was injured in the crash.

Paramedics rushed the men to Jamaica Hospital, where Ricky Kalisaran died of a chest wound. Sunny Kalisaran was in serious but stable condition, officials said.

No one has been arrested. Neither man was immediately identified.

The co-worker said he believes the target was Sunny Kalisaran because he was wearing a flashy gold chain.

“He’s told me he used to go to different clubs, people (tried) to rob him for his chain, his jewelry,” said the co-worker, who asked to be identified only as Martin, 36.

se-queens-shooting3Sunny Kalisaran, 24, was hospitalized after the shooting.

“This place right next door, The Underground, is very dangerous. Every time it’s open, there’s always some shooting, fighting going on. I don’t know why they don’t shut it down.”

Another local resident agreed, saying she had to call the police numerous times about fights outside the club.

“We’ve been waking up to many fights before,” said Jennifer, 30, who declined to give her last name.

“I’ve lived here since I was 3, and I’m 30. Every day you hear someone from this neighborhood is passing away, and it’s so sad, it really is.”

City figures show that people have called 311 at least 19 times since 2010, making 11 noise complaints and three gripes about underage drinking at the club.

The incident follows a violent weekend in the city.

(Danny Iudici/for New York Daily News)

Martin said Sunny Kalisaran, who is married with a 1-year-old son, is at Jamaica Hospital.

“He’s in critical condition,” he said. “We were trying to talk to him but he’s not responding.”

Martin worked with Sunny on Friday, and said they spoke about an upcoming staff holiday party and wished each other a good weekend.

“This news is shocking to me,” he said. “He’s a very sweet guy, cool. I still can’t believe it. He’s very friendly, he makes a lot of jokes.”

Martin said his colleague buried his father last year, and the death of his brother will be a hard blow.

“He’s not the person (to be involved) in no violence or crime. He goes to work every day, he goes home to his family,” he said.

“We’re not taking it good, so imagine him. He just buried his dad, now he gotta go and bury his brother now — plus he’s got a newborn son. It’s sad.”