Government at its worst. Considering that SE Queens has been a crime ridden, filthy, poor quality of life shit hole for decades, this should have been a no brainer. BUT really, sure you don’t want to do some studies first, instead of rushing into this, I mean 40 years, make sure this is thought out.


AND is it shit like this that puts many quality of life issues  on the bottom of the list in areas like Jamaica and SE Queens. Since these areas are known for major crimes, like shootings, stabbings, killings, robberies, rape, assaults, etc, quality of life issues go unchecked and hence why the area has so many issues like illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking on sidewalks by thug auto body shops, illegal sidewalk parties, major noise issues like blasting music late at night and all the other nonsense that goes down in ghetto communities. In Forest Hills, someone complains about loud music blasting at 11pm (which you know in that civilized area, folks are not doing that), the response from NYPD would be almost immediate because they are not running around all over the place chasing down hood rats involved in shootings, stabbings, killings, rapes and other ghetto nonsense that hood rats are always doing.

I LOVE this line by our idiot mayor:

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of the NYPD, New York City is the safest big city in America,” de Blasio said. “Every New York City neighborhood deserves the same quality of service and safety we’ve come to expect from the NYPD.

BUT, every neighborhood DOES NOT have the same quality of service and safety, what the FUCK are you talking about asshole. AND what about all the other agencies, like DOB, DOS, etc.

This mayor is a complete ASSHOLE, along with the majority of local Democrats in NYC, who have long forgotten that they are public servants to serve their constituents and their communities.


From Queens Courier:

Photo via Google Maps
The new 116th Precinct will serve Springfield Gardens, Rosedale and Laurelton.

After 40 years of asking for a new precinct to cut down response times and promptly address quality-of-life issues, southeast Queens will welcome the 116th Precinct.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill announced on Monday in Queens that the 116th Precinct, which will cover Rosedale, Springfield Gardens and Laurelton, will operate out of the 105th Precinct’s satellite building at 242-40 North Conduit Ave. in Rosedale.

 The 105th Precinct covers 12.43 square miles and 354 miles of roadway in southeast Queens, making it the fifth largest precinct in the city. Residents and community groups have asked the city for years to build an additional stationhouse so that officers can better respond to emergencies. Though the citywide average emergency response time is about 7 minutes, the 105th Precinct’s response time is closer to 9 minutes.

A decade ago, the NYPD opened a satellite office on North Conduit Avenue and in March 2016 added 18 officers, two sergeants and made the office a 24-hour operation to help the 105th Precinct with its caseloads. One month later, the mayor and former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced that $70 million would be allocated for a new 116th Precinct.

Bess DeBetham, a Laurelton resident for 46 years and member of the Federated Blocks of Laurelton, outlined the community’s long struggle to convince elected officials to dedicate resources to a new precinct. DeBetham was told in the ’70s by former Mayor Ed Koch that a satellite office would be built.

“We were promised a satellite station and the response from each administration has always been the same — no money in the budget,” she said.

In 2007, Congressman Gregory Meeks started the 116th Precinct Task Force to spearhead the addition of a satellite office and DeBetham thanked Councilman Donovan Richards for making the precinct a priority when he was elected in 2014.

“For decades we fought for an additional precinct and it’s been a hard fight,” she said. “There have been many moments of disappointment, frustration and anger along the way but we never gave up because we knew how important it was. It was a struggle but it was worth it.”

Though the precinct’s borders have not been determined, the NYPD will conduct an analysis to look at geography, population, 911 and 311 calls, crime and quality-of-life issues to make its final decision. The 116th Precinct will take over more than half of the 105th Precinct’s territory. O’Neill said the new precinct is “a few years away” from being fully operational.

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of the NYPD, New York City is the safest big city in America,” de Blasio said. “Every New York City neighborhood deserves the same quality of service and safety we’ve come to expect from the NYPD. That is why we are making unprecedented investments in establishing high-quality precincts. The future 116th Precinct will help reduce current response times in southeast Queens and expand coverage throughout the community.”



BAD Wills

Despite Councilman Ruben Wills being up on major corruption charges which could land his ghetto thug political gangsta ebony ass in jail for 7 years, despite asshole Wills missing over 50% of city council meetings, despite being a dead beat dad who is behind on child support payments, besides not having one accomplishment for the community in his whole time in office, despite getting campaign donations from the mob influenced polluting Royal Waste which was dumped in the downtown residential area of Jamaica including across from a park and putting many families of color at health risks and despite being a low-class thug political ebony gangsta who would sell him mother’s pussy if he could get a nice kick-back, this fucking ebony clown and disgrace is being backed by the equally corrupt Queens Democratic party with the major black godfather of corruption, Congressman Gregory Meeks,  leading the charge. Yet each and everyone of these elected officials who standards are  lower than a child molester, will trash our idiot President every chance they get, yet will not only condemn and call out one of their own, but will actually throw their power and money behind Mr. Deadbeat Dad Asshole Thug Extraordinaire Do Nothing Wills. SAYS much about the Queens Democrat Party, all the SE Queens & Jamaica elected officials and how they actually feel about the community and the constituents they are supposed to serve. Pretty much this is a BIG FUCK YOU to the residents of the community with a side dish of a 15 inch dildo shoved up your lubricated anus.

I mean FOLKS, I know that many in the Jamaica and SE Queens community are low-class, stoopid, no respect, no pride, hood rats, thugs and ghetto idiots, BUT REALLY, many of you are NOT, yet you all voted for this political thug twice already, I mean would you actually vote for this ebony clown prince of ghetto a third time, despite having new, young , smart,  not hood rat candidates going up against him, like Richard Davis and Hettie Powell.

As candidate Richard Davis stated:

We cannot as residents of this district go on with a part-time, absentee Council member. We need someone who can get things done for us, and he can’t do anything.”

Richard David, 28th district council candidate going up against crooked Wills

or candidate Hettie Powell:

“I’m hoping the people in my district would vote for someone they know is not corrupt. I do believe I can represent the people with integrity from day one.”

Hettie Powell, 28th district council candidate going up against crooked Wills

AND of course when The Daily News called Will’s hood rat office and he actually picked up the phone and said he would return their phone call for the article, HE NEVER DID. I mean did you expect much from this ghetto political hood rat.

AND this fucking bullshit is why SE Queens and Jamaica, not matter how much money is dumped into this community for “development” or “upgrades” will continue to be the fucking nasty filthy ghetto it is. STUPID FUCKS PUTTING STUPID FUCKS IN OFFICE over and over again.

AND remember this crap ghetto has been brought to you by:

Former Councilman Archie Spigner followed by former Councilman now Senator Leory Comrie followed by current Councilman I. Daneek Miller, all part of the good ole boys club.

Useless do nothing Senator Leroy Comrie

Former Congressman Floyd Flake, now mega rich Rev. “Pimp Daddy” Flakey Flake, he of the Dementia/Alzheimer crowd that God said, “here MOTHER FUCKER for using my name to gain wealth and political power, have a dose of brain rot”, who was succeeded by The Black Godfather of Corruption, Gregory Meeks.

Former Senators Malcolm Smith and Shirley Huntley, the former in prison for about 7 years and Huntley who spent 1 year in prison on corruption charges and other bad behaviors.

Former Assembly Member and another prison buddy, William Scarborough followed by the very questionable Alicia Hydnman.

Councilman Vivian Cooks and the ebony clown price of STOOPID and Corruption, ghetto Ruben Wills.

Detectives from the New York State attorney’s office escort City Council member Ruben Wills of Queens in handcuffs to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court after being arrested on charges of misusing public funds on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

I mean talk about your ebony clowns, thugs and political hood rats. AND they talk about the Snow Gang, Cripps and Bloods. This is the major crime ring that needs to be brought down in this community and YOU FOLKS can do it at the election pols, IF you make sure you get your asses out to the polls along with friends and families and this means you YOUNG FOLKS, the future of this community. GET YOUR FUCKING ASSES out there because these crooked black empire of Jamaica and SE Queens political gangstas are counting on you not showing up, while people like the Flakes get their sheeple congregation to go out and vote for these clowns like mindless robots.

AND speaking of Flakes, since June, neither the Flakes, nor Greater Allen Church, the local elected officials nor the management of Flake’s HUD Greater Allen Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd have come forward to comment or question how a 15 year old black girl was pimped out of the senior residence for four long months. NOT ONE (


168 pl at 90 ave in downtown Jamaica



From The Daily News:

Scandal-plagued Councilman Ruben Wills backed by Queens Democratic party — despite corruption charges


City Councilman Ruben Wills has the support of the Queens Democratic party to keep his seat representing South Ozone Park, Rochdale and part of Jamaica, insiders say.

(Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News)

Queens City Councilman Ruben Wills is up for re-election with some influential backers — even as he stands trial on charges he stole thousands of dollars from taxpayers.

The scandal-plagued pol has the support of the Queens Democratic party to keep his seat representing South Ozone Park, Rochdale and part of Jamaica, insiders say, but hasn’t reported raising a cent for the campaign.

He faces four challengers, including two who have racked up healthy fundraising totals and endorsements.

“We cannot as residents of this district go on with a part-time, absentee Council member,” said Richard David, a community board member and former city agency official who is running for the seat. “We need someone who can get things done for us, and he can’t do anything.”

Ruben Wills was just careless — not stealing grant money: Defense

Wills’ trial started last week on six corruption counts alleging he pocketed $30,000 in state grant money intended for a local non-profit and city taxpayer matching funds from his first City Council campaign. He faces a second indictment for separate charges of filing false documents with the Conflicts of Interest Board.

He’s also been chronically absent from the Council — missing 72% of the meetings he was supposed to be at in the 2016 fiscal year, absences he blamed on a medical condition he refused to disclose.

The Council stripped him of the ability to pass out member item cash because of the criminal charges, which opponents charge has hurt local non-profits. The Queens delegation instead chooses groups to get the money.

Richard David is one of the candidates running against Queens City Councilman Ruben Wills in the 2017 election.

(Richard David)

Hettie Powell, an attorney who got a third of the vote when she ran against Wills in 2013, has been endorsed by the Working Families Party, healthcare workers union 1199 and the Teamsters, while David has the backing of Communications Workers of America District 1.

Disgraced Councilman Ruben Wills’ accomplice skips court

“I’m hoping the people in my district would vote for someone they know is not corrupt,” Powell said. “I do believe I can represent the people with integrity from day one.”

Yet Wills — who would be automatically expelled from the Council if convicted — still has a solid chance of getting re-elected, as the vast majority of incumbents in the city do.

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks and his influential circle of southeast Queens pols continue to back him.

“He’s been loyal to the club,” one insider said. “They’re not going to move away from supporting him because he’s been a loyalist for so many years.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if people in that district re-elect Ruben Wills. It’s just a tough district to unseat,” the source said.

Hettie Powell, an attorney who got a third of the vote when she ran against Wills in 2013, has been endorsed by the Working Families Party, healthcare workers union 1199 and the Teamsters.

(Hettie Powell)

Former City Councilman Allan Jennings — who was censured by the Council over sexual harassment allegations and defeated for re-election — has also filed to run for the seat. He didn’t return a call for comment.

Mike Reich, the executive secretary of the Queens Democratic organization, said the borough’s district leaders had designated all incumbent Council members for re-election, which includes Wills.

Wills could technically run for the seat even if he’s convicted and expelled from the Council, but community board chair Adrienne Adams could jump into the race with county support if he goes down before the September primary, sources said.

Wills answered the phone at his district office and said he would call a Daily News reporter back later, but never did.

The pol was indicted three years ago, and has had his trial repeatedly delayed.

“It’s gone on for too long,” David said. “It’s become a circus, but that makes it sound interesting.”



We have all seen this shit, especially in communities of color and ESPECIALLY in heavily immigrant population communities like Queens, you know the worlds borough of CRAP. Yards completely cemented over in front of houses, illegal parking pad put in, with sometimes numerous vehicles and illegal curb cuts. Not only does all of this make your block look like ghetto shit, but it also causes much flooding, especially during heavy rains, where water has no place to go except onto the streets and flood our already taxing sewer system.

Illegal curb cuts and illegal driveway. This individual was charging people to park here and in front of his illegal curb cut.

The problem is many people do not know what to do about this or where to file a complaint, since this city loves to hide everything on the shitty 311 website and calling them, you have a 50-50 chance of getting some stupid knucklehead that does not know anything or doesn’t really want to work. And some people do not which ones are legal, meaning they got a permit from DOB and which ones are not. The majority of them are illegal and you can pretty much tell if a car is directly in front of the damn house or squeezed in, it is illegal. But file it anyway and let DOB determine if it is legal or not. Make them work for their money.

Illegal curb cut in Jamica

So here are two ways to file those complaints. As usual do it regularly and OFTEN. BUT YOU HAVE TO PLAY, you cannot just look at it and bitch. SO START FILING NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS. Don’t bother with you city council member, you will have better luck finding a unicorn.

REPORT THIS BULLSHIT of illegal parking pads/driveways:



The ongoing saga of the asshole hemorrhoid that just will not go away and will not show up for his trials on corruption charges. Can you imagine if you or I did not show up for a trial, let alone several of them.

WHY are our tax dollars being wasted on this political gangsta.

Just want you folks to be very clear of who you are dealing with before election time. Primaries in September and the general election in November, which include Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempt at re-election and other citywide positions of Public Advocate and Comptroller all five Borough Presidents, all 51 City Council seats, and two District Attorney positions (Brooklyn and Manhattan).

Even though this major douchebag Wills has the balls to run for re-election, he has several candidates (as of June 11) to knock him off his thug ghetto pedestal and THUG is the operative word to describe this completely crooked, corrupt, do-nothing (unless it involves his bank account) and complete ASSHOLE.

City Council District 28
Ruben Wills, Democrat, incumbent*
Richard David, Democrat
Allan W. Jennings, Democrat
Hettie V. Powell, Democrat
Christina Winslow, Democrat


From NY1 (2.15.16):

Queens Councilman, Facing Criminal Charges — Doesn’t Show up in Court — Or at City Hall

By Courtney Gross
Monday, February 15, 2016 at 11:13 PM EST
For almost two years, Councilman Ruben Wills has had criminal charges pending in two separate cases in two different criminal courts. And for months, the cases have made little progress moving forward, as NY1’s Courtney Gross reports.

City Councilman Ruben Wills’ seat has been empty a lot lately. The indicted Queens Councilman has not been to City Hall since December, and he has not been to his court appearances, either.

Wills is on medical leave, and that illness is the latest hiccup delaying his corruption trial.

It was nearly two years ago that the Queens Councilman was charged by the state attorney general with grand larceny and filing false business records. He is accused of stealing public tax dollars from a nonprofit group he founded.

“I am not resigning on charges,” Wills said in May 2014. “This is America, people. We are presumed innocent before you are proven guilty.”

It did not end there for Wills. Less than a year later, the attorney general brought more charges, this time in Manhattan criminal court, claiming Wills had not disclosed income he made from a private business on his city conflict of interest form.

“We don’t even understand what the charges are in this point in time, but what I can say is, I am innocent and I look forward to my day in court,” Wills said.

Both of those cases have stalled.

The attorney general’s office unusually and successfully removed Wills’ attorney from the Manhattan case last year, claiming the AG’s office wanted to call that attorney as a witness.

That so-called conflict issue has seeped into the Queens case. A judge must determine whether that attorney, Steve Zissou, can fairly serve in Queens after he was kicked off the case in Manhattan.

That decision cannot happen until Wills comes to court.

Wills’ attorney told us he has a serious medical issue with an uncertain prognosis. He could not comment any further.

Wills’ attendance record was not stellar prior to his illness. Since his original indictment in May of 2014, the councilman has missed 87 meetings or hearings at City Hall. That means he has made just 55 percent of them.

Wills has another court appearance scheduled this week. He is not expected to be there.

From Times Ledger (12.2.16):

Wills’ corruption trial likely to start soon

The criminal trial of Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) is expected to begin in January, according to the office of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The court is currently handling pre-trial motions in preparation for a trial that follows Wills’ 2014 arrest on charges of corruption.

In 2014 Wills and his relative, Jelani Mills, were indicted on charges of diverting public campaign funds and charitable grant money to their own personal accounts, the AG said. Wills was also accused of funneling money into a nonprofit that he subsequently pocketed, according to the indictment. Schneiderman said the more than $30,000 came from state funds allocated by former state Sen. Shirley Huntley, who was found guilty in 2013 of corruption for stealing money for shopping sprees at Roosevelt Field in Long Island from a charity she controlled. Wills worked as her aide before she was sentenced to a year in prison.

Schneiderman contends Wills steered the grant money into a nonprofit called New York 4 Life, which he supervised. Wills was accused by the attorney general of using some of the money for shopping trips, which included the purchase of a $750 Louis Vuitton handbag.

Wills’ office did not return a request for comment on this story.

In January Mills pleaded guilty to directing campaign funds marked for Wills’ unsuccessful 2009 City Council run into an account for Micro Targeting, which Mills said was a shell company set up by Wills.

The indictment accused Mills of submitting a check from Wills to Micro Targeting in the amount of $11,500 to the New York Campaign Finance Board. The attorney general’s office maintained Micro Targeting never did any work for Wills’ 2009 campaign and that Wills instead pocketed the funds.

After Wills’ May 2014 arrest, Schneiderman said the arrest sent “the message that elected office does not come with a blank check or a license to break the law.”

Wills allegedly signed a contract with the state Office of Children and Family Services in March 2010 and pledged that the funds Huntley allocated to New York 4 Life would be used for community services, but after the state requested Wills account for how the funds were used, he did not respond, according to the AG’s office.

Wills successfully won a special election to the City Council in November 2010. Wills denied any wrongdoing when he was arrested and accused Schneiderman of attempting to target prominent political rivals.

Amid pressure by the FBI, Huntley agreed to wear a wire and record meetings with nine other people, including Wills, in 2012. At the time, federal authorities claimed many of the nine individuals were also under investigation. Eventually, Huntley served a year and a day in prison. She was released in June 2014.

Judge Ira Margulis of the Queens Supreme Court will be presiding over the Wills case coming before the court. John Chiara, an assistant attorney general for the state attorney general’s office, is scheduled to head the prosecution.

From Queens Press (1.20.17):

Ruben Wills Trial Delayed Once More


The Press of Southeast Queens has learned that the trial for Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) has been delayed once again.

According to the state Attorney General’s office, Wills, who was originally scheduled to appear in Queens County Court Jan. 9, is now scheduled to appear in early February due to a discrepancy in his choice of attorney.

“It’s going to be delayed for another two weeks, as his current attorney has been relieved due to a conflict of interest,” Doug Cohen of the attorney general’s office wrote in an e-mail.

As of 2 p.m. on Friday, the Press of Southeast Queens was unable to get details on the reported conflict of interest.

Wills was previously scheduled to appear in court as early as November 2016 for allegedly funneling taxpayer dollars into a non-profit organization he controlled. He was charged with third-degree grand larceny, first-degree scheme to defraud, first-degree falsification of business records and offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree. Wills faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

From Queens Press (5.26.17):

Ruben Wills’ Trial Delayed Again

The ongoing saga of Councilman Ruben Wills’ (D-Jamaica) trial continues as a new date for the start of the court proceedings has been set.

As of May 31, it has been 1,121 days since Ruben Wills was arrested for allegedly pocketing taxpayer money..File Photo

As of May 31, it has been 1,121 days since Ruben Wills was arrested for allegedly pocketing taxpayer money..File Photo

According to a spokeswoman for state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the councilman is now set to appear in court on June 15, nearly six months after the trail was originally scheduled to begin.

This is not the first time that the trial has been delayed to a future date. In March, the PRESS of Southeast Queens reported that Judge Ira Margulis granted Wills and defense lawyer Steve Zissou time to select a new attorney to represent him in court after the trial had been delayed following a “conflict of interest” with his initial attorney.
In the weeks to follow, Wills missed a court date due to sickness, despite being spotted at a community rally in Richmond Hill for immigrant constituents just days before. Wills said that his doctor had recommended that he stay home and rest, and added that his defiance of the doctor’s orders was the reason why he was sick on the day that he was scheduled to appear in court.

The state attorney general’s office had previously expressed dismay regarding the numerous delays in the Wills case.

“Ruben Wills—who is facing trial in Queens and Manhattan for two alleged criminal schemes—has, for years, done everything he can to avoid confronting the charges against him,” Amy Spitalnick, press secretary for the attorney general, told the PRESS of Southeast Queens in March. “Elected office doesn’t give anyone license to break the law or avoid the consequences.”

Wills has been in trouble with the law since his arrest in May 2014 for allegedly funneling $30,000 in taxpayer funds into a non-profit organization that he controlled. He was charged with third-degree grand larceny, first-degree scheme to defraud, first-degree falsifying business records and first-degree offering a false instrument for filing. If convicted, Wills faces up to seven years in prison.




Hey WILLS, more and more people are SICK of getting your bullshit propaganda junk mail and hearing your name.

The Royal Waste bin in the photo below by Impunity City is perfect since this herpes crusted scab has taken campaign donations from Jamaica’s biggest polluter. So Ruby Ruby, you going to make your corruption trial this time around or are you going to claim a inflamed hemorrhoid to get out of it.


From Impunity City:

Update: Another one hot off the press from the councilman


What the fuck did I just say about mailing this tripe? Despite the contents, which shows more funding going to strengthen the safety net, it doesn’t change the fact that Ruben was exploiting his position to enrich himself.

Well, it looks like there is a need for stronger symbolism. So I decided to dispose it in a place where the councilman would surely feel comfortable.

But I couldn’t find a pile of filthy money in a pig pen, but this receptacle might do the trick.

017This damaged vegetation area is brought to you by Royal Waste.


There, councilman. Now you are amongst friends.



1) are a crooked elected officials awaiting trial on corruption charges, which you will be convicted (

2) are a deadbeat dad behind on child support and has had past issues with the law (

3) are inept not unlike most Jamaica and SE Queens elected official and pretty much a DO-NOTHING, although you did take campaign contributions from Jamaica’s big polluter, Royal Waste (


4) are just a plain big ole asshole.


AND if you vote for this ebony clown political gangsta, then you will receive your AUTHENTIC SE QUEENS ASSHOLE ID CARD, which all of the Jamaica elected officials are already carrying.


From Impunity City:

I Received A Newsletter From Councilman Ruben Wills, Oh Boy.


This came in the mail a short while ago and I was equally perturbed and repulsed. This newsletter is from the councilman of District 28, Ruben Wills, who is up for re-election. It was a 3 page fold out brochure of all of his purported concerns and photo-ops and it was the size of the NY Times.

During his brief term after being elected in 2010, he has been non-existent at council meetings and has used the majority of his term pilfering around $33,000 from public funds for bogus campaign and charity non-profits and filing false documents for his luxurious tastes in designer clothing, preferably Louis Vuitton, and fancy dinners.

A chunk of the money he stole went to some company, Micro-Targeting, that specializes in campaign literature and distribution, which immediately gave me the impression that this is how this waste of paper and ink conveying Wills fauxgressive propaganda got produced and mass mailed to his constituency.

For some ludicrous reason, he still has not resigned (nor has his official peers ask for him to step down) and has maintained his elected position despite being in the midst of his court procession. In fact, he has gone out of his way to avoid facing the judge’s sentencing by coming up with lame excuses to not even show up.

And this career hustler and hack wants to tout his dubious achievements and superficial concerns to persuade voters by filling up mailboxes with this shit.

Well, it looks like decisive and appropriate action had to be taken.


Fuck off, Ruben. Stop sending your shit to me and everyone else. Your absentee ass is not wanted here you fraud. Primary this chump, citizens.


And more ghetto nonsense as usual in ghetto SE Queens and in was seems to be getting worse by the minute, Ozone Park.

Let’s see, a Thursday night at 9:30pm, men in their 30’s just hanging out in a playground, SURE, nothing can go wrong with that scenario in the ghetto, especially on a hot evening.

As usual ghetto folks behaving ghetto.


From The Daily News:

Man fatally shot during argument near Queens playground

The victim, who’s in his 30s, was blasted once in the chest on 88th St. by Atlantic Ave. in Ozone Park.


A man was shot dead during an argument across from a Queens playground Thursday night, cops said.

The victim, who’s in his 30s, was blasted once in the chest on 88th St. by Atlantic Ave. in Ozone Park, near the London Planetree Playground, just after 9:30 p.m., police said. Police have not yet released the victim’s name.

He was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he died, authorities said.

Cops were searching the scene for evidence early Friday morning.


Cops were searching the scene for evidence early Friday morning.

Police are asking anyone with info about the shooting to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.