The days of Clean Up Jamaica Queens are winding down, as is my time in this ghetto shithole…………………………………….

From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & TRUE community activist/advocate:

About two years ago Officer Cedillo and his team went where no politicians never went before. Even my comrade/Joe and I were taken aback, but we combined our efforts with them.

Officer Cedillo and his team took hundreds of abandoned, smashed-up vehicles off the streets. They also transformed lawless, chop shop owners into law abiding citizens expeditiously. Queens residents were happy and peace reigned.. Nonetheless, as time went by the program ended, and Officer Cedillo went on to a well deserved promotion, Lieutenant Cedillo.

Now, here comes the next chapter of The Untouchables; Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune, Sergeant Khadija Faison and Officer Langone. As promised during the town hall meeting on 10/16th., The Untouchables met with me and supporters last Thursday evening. It was dark around 7:00; so they had to use flash lights. We met at 108th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard where the illegal vehicles were plentiful.

Deputy Fortune and his team designated several vehicles for removal. A fleet of Illegally parked vehicles were also across the street; they were taken care of as well. One officer noticed that two cars had identical plates, one on each car.

Next we walked about a block to the back of a nearby gas station. As the officers pointed the flash light on the cars; a man came bustling out of nowhere. He said, “officer, officer you see this car here. I will move it early in the morning.” The officer replied, but it has been there for quite awhile.”

The man hastily retrieved his ID; saying, “look you see, my name is Michael. Ah fixing d car for a man, but he ain’t pay me yet; but early in the morning I will take d car to the shop over the street. The officer replied, “ok I believe you.”

The Untouchables are acting in full force. The chop shop owners are getting the message. I visited the sites over the weekend; only legally cars were parked. The smashed-up car is gone. 

The Untouchables will continue their effort.


IN THE MEANTIME, a source sent me this information, that continuous the crappy narrative of Jamaica:
Itchy? (Bedbugs at SQPA -Southern Queens Park Association)


It has come to my attention that there are BEDBUGS at the SQPA facility at Roy Wilkins Park.

Roy Wilkins-Southern Queens Park

177-01 Baisley Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434


Management, including the Executive Board and President, Ms. Jacqueline Boyce, have been aware of the issue for about 2 months. The Parks Department has been informed, but they are doing nothing.

In that time, not one thing has been to address the BedBug Issue.

Meanwhile, members of the community have not been informed about the possibility of bringing home BedBugs from any visit to SQPA.

This email account is a FAKE email account because of the fear of retaliation.

Yours truly,

Nathanial Branch (the fake).


AND SO the Jamaica Ghetto Shit Storm continues, but what about the fearless Jamaica elected so-called leaders on all the quality of life issues, well, they are smiling pretty for the cameras in another useless photo-op with DOT SHIT officials and all creaming in the underwear that Jamaica Avenue got paved, like that is such a luxury and unheard of thing that cameras had to roll for this collection of fucking do nothings. “This resurfacing makes Jamaica Avenue safer and work better for everyone who lives, travels or does business in this community,” said Garcia, the DOT’s Queens borough commissioner.  RIGHT NICOLE, THIS IS JUST MORE throwing shit at the peasants to get them all excited, BUT NOT really doing too much to help improve the quality of life by focusing on the MAJOR PROBLEMS in this community.  I mean, let’s face it, street paving is just a regular thing that communities do. WHAT A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES.




Not all issues are caused by the bottom of the barrel folks, some are due to neglect from the bottom of the barrel elected officials in Jamaica, all who just got a big ass raise. The issue of auto body shops all over Merrick Blvd placing junked, smashed cars on residential streets,  which are an eyesore, but pose health and safety issues,  have been ignored by both city agencies and our wonderful local elected officials for years. This issue has been brought up over and over and over again by community activist Pamela Hazel.

See many quality  of life issues in communities fall under City Council, but when your city council members are not being held accountable, pretty much like all of NYC officials and agencies (READ NYCHA).

Just more example of black on black crimes, this time perpetrated by local black leaders and their complete ignoring the issues.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica Community Activist:

Numerous residents called me last week. They wanted me to reach out to The Untouchables, (Sergeant Cedillo and his team) from the 103 rd. precinct. Residents were desperately trying to have the abandoned, smashed-up, embarrassing vehicles removed before Easter.

Sorry supporters, I will not put that responsibility on The Untouchables. I may call them for another location, but not this one and not this time. They have come to our rescue over and over and over. Meanwhile, Katz, Comrie and Miller; the highly tax paid political gangsters look the other way and pretend that the vehicles do not exist.

The abandoned vehicles are a symbol of neglect. They have been parked at 108th. Avenue, near  Merrick
Boulevard since Christmas, (Abandoned Vehicle Avenue). On every issue, the problem remains the same; which is “the lack of law enforcement.”

After reporting on this location many times, Boranian, the liaison at the borough president’s office is still asking for the details to find the location. Well Boranian, you are not fooling anyone. Your have no intensions of trying to have the vehicles removed. So you use the excuse, that I did not give you enough information.

If you cannot find 108th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard, get a GPS; or better yet, do not serve the Jamaica community. Your strategy is delay, delay, delay to deny. But  cleanupJamaicaQueens will provide updates.

Talking about updates, the back glass on the blue vehicle was smashed and the hood is now sticking up.

3/27/16 ( Easter Sunday) in Jamaica Queenssmashed car 108.jpg3

smashed car 108
































Before Easter weekend.

smashed car 108.jpg2smashed car 108.jpg4

Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller; ask yourself why Katz area does not look like primitive island. It is a damn shame that you all do a disservice to your own.

Keep tuned or not political gangsters.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


Let’s take a look at Jamaica in 2014, what happened, how much garbage, what elected official was arrested, who was shot and where we might head in 2015.

RESTAURANTS: While Jamaica has never been a hot bed of great food establishments, it is slowly improving and if the supposed development in Jamaica actually takes place, I am sure we will see more food establishments (and hopefully good ones) open. This year only one new establishment opened, Spicy Lanka on that horrid Hillside Avenue at 159-23. A good Sri Lanka place and most definitely spicy. While not my favorite, others thought so. The Daily News gave it rave reviews and it seems to be a winner with many on Yelp. I  liked it, but Hillside Avenue is just one ugly big garbage mess and that ruins it for me. But you cannot go wrong with some of the older establishments (Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Rocoto Restaurant, Annam Brahma) and some of the newer kids on the blocks (Amina Thai, Charcoal Kabab). But overall we still lack quality nice sit down restaurants, just way too much crap with poor service. Dirty establishments and fast food shit.

Sir Lanka at 159-23 Hillside Avenue

Sir Lanka at 159-23 Hillside Avenue

LANDMARK BUILDINGS:  Although no new landmarks this year (June 2013 saw the old Jamaica High School  on Hillside Ave get landmark status), believe it or not Jamaica has the most landmark buildings in all of Queens (20 I think, I started to lose count) with the crowning jewel, the former Lowe’s Wonder Theatre on Jamaica Avenue, now the Tabernacle Prayer of Church. Next time you are walking along Jamaica Avenue, make sure to look up at some of the amazing architecture. Too bad our useless leaders have not done enough on the upkeep of these great buildings.

The Auditorium of the former Lowe's Wonder Theatre on Jamaica Ave

The Auditorium of the former Lowe’s Wonder Theatre on Jamaica Ave

BARS: Something that is VERY lacking in Jamaica, at least nice, relaxing places where you will not get shot or have to put up with bad ghetto behavior. CityRib is your best bet for great drinks, relaxing atmosphere, friendly & hot looking people, good music and just a plain good place to hang out. For true classic dive bars though, you cannot beat Hillside Inn or Maloney’s, the one place where you will actually see many white people. Both are hard core dive bars, where people take their drinking serious and you can drink cheap. Worth seeing since many of these dive bars vanished in most of NYC. On a side note, this year, a Bangladeshi immigrant died after two years in a vegetative state after he was beaten in the Hillside Inn bar after trying to break up a fight back in 2012 on Christmas Eve,  although there is talk that the two guys supposedly fighting actually beat Isteak Quadir since no one else was in the bar at the time. The bar closed after that for about 6 months with a sign stating, “closed for renovations”. You can read this story at http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/queens-man-dies-wounds-years-stop-fight-article-1.1803048

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

RETAIL: If you think  Jamaica has a poor selection of restaurants, the retail scene is just plain awful and ugly. With few exceptions like Porta Bella Menswear & Fino Menswear, where you can get great Italian stylish shoes and stylish clothes with European cuts and Mubarak Health & Beauty (one of the few black owned businesses specializing in amazing oils, soaps, skin care products, incense, etc.), most of Jamaica Avenue is cheap crap clothing, third world retail junk and way too many health and beauty supply stores, wig stores and hair salons. Oh and some of the worst customer service on the planet. But Jamaica Avenue seems like Rodeo Drive compared to that horrible third world shit hole, Hillside Avenue, just a mess of garbage, filth, junk stores and dirty stores. CRAP-CRAP-CRAP.

Mubarak Health & Beauty 92-18 Guy Brewer Blvd

Mubarak Health & Beauty
92-18 Guy Brewer Blvd

ELECTED OFFICIALS: What can I say, the majority are useless and some of the others are crooks. This year Senator Malcolm Smith had a mistrial for corruption charges but will be tried again this coming January. Both Councilman Ruben Wills and Assembly Member William Scarborough were both arrested on corruption charges and Assembly Member Vivian Cook was her normal self, not worth a piece of shit. While Senator Tony Avella, Senator James Sanders and Councilman Donovan Richards do their best, newcomer Councilman I. Daneek Miller might actually do some good as well (he took on some garbage issues and the dollar vans). This was his first year in office (replacing that totally useless Leroy Comrie, who unfortunately will be our new Senator come January), but you might want to keep an eye out for him. But he can go either way in his second year, only time will tell. I do predict that in 2015 we will see Wills and Scarborough go to jail, Congressman Meeks will finally be arrested, Comrie will prove again that he should have stayed a wedding photographer and Vivian Cook will continue to collect political welfare for doing jack shit. Overall the Jamaica political scene looks bleak.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES:  One word, HORRIBLE. Garbage continues to be a major problem, along with illegal conversions, illegal curb cuts, illegal driveways, noise issues, illegal placement of signs all over city property (Cash for Cars, We By Houses, etc.), garbage strewn vacant lots, cars parked on sidewalks, cars without plates, poor development that has caused so many nice one family homes to be torn down only to be replaced by shit cheap third world dreck and section 8 run by slum lords (mostly immigrants) and filled with low-class slob low life people who have turned Jamaica into a shit hole. The ever growing problem of trucks driving illegally on residential streets for years still has not been addressed and is becoming a huge problem. The only bright spot was the elimination of those god awful clothing bins removed by the 103rd precinct’s “The Untouchables” who tackled that issue quickly, pretty much like they tackled the auto body shops placing their smashed cars on streets and sidewalks. But overall the quality of life issues in Jamaica are HORRIBLE and not being properly addressed by the powers to be, our elected officials and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, who has also done a bad job her first year. So bad, she could be a Jamaica politician.

Shoppers World in the background.

Shoppers World in the background.

CRIME: I don’t care what some of these statistics say, crime is a big problem in Jamaica, especially shootings, robberies and assaults. This year two officers were attacked on Jamaica Avenue by a lunatic with a hatchett, a woman was raped in the early morning on 171st street, several shootings lead to the death of several black men, one on Father’s Day at a bar on Merrick Blvd and of course who could forget the fool in McDonald’s bleeding with a huge knife in his back while talking on a cell phone, hell that one made it on Real Time With Bill Maher. This is something that the this black community needs to for once finally address properly. As one person of color stated on my one posting about Christmas Day shootings, “I agree with you, sadly the black community, won’t address this issue. I am a black, from the Caribbean, I side mostly with the police. If we didn’t harbor so many criminals in our communities, maybe we would get more respect from the police. But look at the way a lot of us live and carry ourselves. The black community needs to focus more on educating ourselves and our children, and stop blaming white people for our problems. But nothing changes as a group we are still at the bottom of the barrel…….by choice.” I could not have said it better. Overall crime is an issue and saying that it is still better than East New York, Brownsville or parts of Bed-Stuy is not a compliment.

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica "human pin cushion".

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica “human pin cushion”.

MEDIA COVERAGE: Jamaica got major media coverage (print, TV, radio, blogs) this year between garbage, elected officials being arrested, shootings, crazy hatchet man, crazy man at McDonald’s with knife in back while chatting on cell phone, more garbage, illegal truck driving, fires and explosions in illegal conversions and all the talk about the “gentrification of Jamaica” and it being the next hot neighborhood (if you really believe that shit). You could not read a paper, hear a radio show, read Queens Chronicle, Times Ledger, Queens Crap or Progress Queens, see Greg Mocker or NY1 without hearing about Jamaica, good and bad. But the biggie was from NY1 and reporter Ruschell Boone. Ms. Boone, who has been a major advocate for the Jamaica garbage problem doing several stories on this issue, which helped to bring it to public attention and this blog as well, won an award this year from the New York Association of Black Journalist on her great 4-part Jamaica garbage series which aired in 2013 (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/tag/ruschell-boone/). We here at Clean Up Jamaica Queens and team P/J are very proud of Ms. Boone winning this award. Ms. Boone also did a story on our own precinct’s Sgt Cedillo & The Untouchables (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/jamaicas-the-untouchables-team-pj-hit-the-road-cleaning-up-eyesores/)  who have helped us out tremendously with quality of life issues in our community. With so much bad press on the police this year, it was good to see positive press on the NYPD and in our own community of Jamaica. The Untouchable have been a force to reckon with in Jamaica and it was good to see a story on them.

 TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists Play now

TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists
Play now

So as we end 2014 and head into 2015, I think many eyes will be on Jamaica and what happens in the coming year and more. Could this be the next hot neighborhood, will the area become a whiter shade of pale, will we see improvements in quality of life, will some of our crooked politicians walk the walk of disgraced former Senator Shirley Huntely, we will see our jazz history become the focus again………………………..or will it just be more garbage, shootings, crooked politicians, crap retail, fried chicken shacks, bad ghetto behavior and more importing of low-class people from all over the world, in other words the usual Jamaica shit.???????????????????????????????

Large tractor trailer trucks barrel through 170th St and other residential streets daily

Large tractor trailer trucks barrel through 170th St and other residential streets daily

Beautiful Hillside Ave

Beautiful Hillside Ave


Leroy Comrie stated "We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders."

Leroy Comrie stated “We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders.”

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake's parking lot.

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.


WE ARE AWARE OF IT. Miller's District

Miller’s District


What quality of life issue, this is called free enterprise.

What quality of life issue, this is called free enterprise.

Garbage10.5.14 012???????????????????????????????168th St LIRR Tunnel


From  Community Activist Pamela Hazel:

Brisk and cold weather could not put a damper on the Untouchables,
(Sergeant Cedillo & and his crew), together with Team P/J and supporters to complete the job.

First stop, The Untouchables accompanied me to Councilman Miller’s office to fetch tools and supplies. Sanitation department did not deliver the supplies that they had promised; no surprise there.

Pamela Hazel and one of The Untouchables at Councilman Miller's office.

Pamela Hazel and one of The Untouchables at Councilman Miller’s office.

The Untouchables. Sgt. Cedillo, center.

The Untouchables. Sgt. Cedillo, center.

Councilman Miller was kind enough to give us some garbage bags and a few  pairs of gloves from his office. We then headed to the garbage-filled sidewalk at 109th & Merrick Boulevard.

At the Garbage site of Merrick Blvd & 107th

At the garbage site of Merrick Blvd & 109th

Darkness was fast approaching  around  5:00 P.M. on the winter Friday afternoon of 11/21/14. Yet, there was a sense of safety and protection;  because we were surrounded by the presence of the Untouchables.

Thus,Team P/J and supporters began cleaning the famous always-filthy area that is called a sidewalk. The entire vicinity was covered with garbage and leaves.

Getting down to business

Getting down to business

Never mind that I had informed the staff at the Borough President’s/ Melinda Katz office about a week ago. The garbage strewn site was still intact.

We filled all the garbage bags that were available. Plenty more garbage bags were needed. Once again, due to sanitation’s irresponsible behaviour, we could not remove all the leaves.

Months ago, Team P/J had reach to the conclusion that only The Untouchables are capable of, and willing to enforce quality of life laws. However Madam Katz, appears to depend on the sanitation department disastrous non-working policies.

Please Madam Katz, if you are serious about ridding Jamaica Queens from its decade’s old problems, then do not be too proud to pay attention to The Untouchables. Then follow suit.

Keep tuned to Boone, NY1 reporter and The Untouchables. They are getting the job done.

Watch part of the NY1 video news story on Jamaica’s The Untouchables.

Full video can be seen for Time Warner customers at http://www.ny1.com/content/news/219353/police-officers-tackle-garbage-problem–other-issues-in-jamaica/

Jamaica Queens needs new young blood and fresh ideas. Sanitation Department old big wigs have overstayed their welcome. Their ideas are obsolete; no wonder they are incapable of cleaning up Jamaica.

Ms. Boranian and Mr. La Mura both of you are liaisons to the B/P,
Ms. Velazquez you are the counsel. Please reiterate this message to your boss?

All photos were taken on 11/21/14


Major kudos to “Sgt. Cedillo and The Untouchables” from the 103rd precinct and NY1’s Ruschell Boone for another great Jamaica story.

Now let’s get this damn huge trucks off of residential streets in our community.


Yes, many of you readers have heard us talk about “The Untouchable” here in Jamaica, a group of 103rd precinct police officers led by Sgt. Cedillo, who have been instrumental in helping Clean Up Jamaica with quality of life issues from abandon vehicles all over to major garbage problems. My comrade-in-arms, Pamela Hazel,  had labeled the group, “The Untouchables” after the old TV show and the fact that they get the job done by enforcing the laws. It was “The Untouchables” that in a very short period of time that saw the very quick removal of those hideous clothing bins that were dumped all over our community. While other communities are still struggling with that issue and waiting for a bill in City Council to pass to deal with this issue, “The Untouchable” tackled the issue full blast and head-on.

This dedicated group of police officers have been so instrumental in dealing with those auto body shops, especially all long Merrick Blvd, that were leaving smashed and unlicensed vehicles up on sidewalks and on residential streets. They made their presence known and enforced the law. They have done the same things with abandon cars all over our district be it on a street, sidewalk or vacant lot. They have recently been helping with certain garbage issues and vacant properties.

We here at Clean Up Jamaica Queens applaud the initiative and the dedication of Sgt. Cedillo and his “Untouchables” helping to make our community better. This certainly could have been an initiative started with our local elected officials and should have been, but it was not. If those same leaders had just a quarter of the initiative of this dedicated group of officers, maybe Jamaica would not be as bad.

It is very fitting that NY1 did a story on Jamaica’s “The Untouchables”.

KUDOS to Sgt. Cedillo & The Untouchables, plus NY1 & Ruschell Boone for another story on Jamaica.

The website Queens Crap also covered this story on their website: http://queenscrap.blogspot.com/2014/11/untouchables-get-props-from-ny1.html


From NY1:

Police Officers Tackle Garbage Problem, Other Issues in Jamaica

  • 11/22/2014 12:00 A
TWC News: Police Officers Tackle Garbage Problem, Other Issues in Jamaica Click on photo to play video. Must be a Time Warner Cable customer.

TWC News: Police Officers Tackle Garbage Problem, Other Issues in Jamaica
Click on photo to play video. Must be a Time Warner Cable customer.

A small group of police officers is using a lot more than crime-fighting tactics to clean up the streets of Jamaica: they are tackling the garbage problem and other quality-of-life issues in that neighborhood. NY1’s Ruschell Boone filed the following follow-up report.

These officers are not messing around. It’s near the end of their shift, but they are still working hard to remove some of the abandoned cars on Merrick Boulevard.

It’s an issue that has plagued this neighborhood for years.

“Some of them are abandoned,” said Sergeant Alexander Cedillo of the New York City Police Department. “Some of them have no plates.”

Cedillo has made quality-of-life issues a priority since joining the 103rd Precinct’s Hillside Conditions team a few months ago.

“This was one of the big locations that we had numerous complaints, numerous complaints, was that vacant lot right there. There was about, I would say 25 to 30 vehicles,” Cedillo said. “We took care of it. There was about two or three cars that were actually stolen.”

The officers also do nightly checks of areas that often have drug problems, prostitution and squatters. They have also been helping community activist Pamela Hazel in her efforts to clean up some of the garbage-filled lots and abandoned property. She started calling the officers “the untouchables” a few months ago, based on the old crime-fighting police show.

“Cedillo and his team, they have been so instrumental in helping us and doing the things that other people couldn’t do for us,” Hazel said.

The officers are also working with some of the business owners to make sure they are keeping their property clean, and that appears to be working in some problem areas.

“They’re doing a great job leaving the streets clean and no cars on the sidewalks,” Cedillo said.

Some residents said the officers’ quick response has been key in addressing some of the issues, but they still have a long way to go to fully clean up some areas of the neighborhood.





On Sunday, October 5th, while riding my bike, I came across several quality of life issues from illegal garbage dumping to unlicensed cars on the streets to a very large filthy Winnebago not only parked on a narrow street, but halfway up on the sidewalk in front of 164-11 108th Ave.

My comrade-in-arms, Pamela Hazel, while coming from church in that area on Sunday, October 12th, noticed a gentleman named Francisco, washing the vehicle. Being sly, Pamela inquired to the guy about the Winnebago and right off the bat, Francisco asked her if she was interested in buying it. Well, that lead to a conversation, which revealed that Francisco started working as a handyman about two weeks ago for Roberto, who owns the Winnebago and lives on Long Island, but is selling the Winnebago on the streets of Jamaica. Why, you may ask, because on Long Island, you cannot keep a vehicle stored on the street, but since Jamaica is the Wild Wild West of of Queens, where anything goes and Roberto knows this, he keeps the huge Winnebago on 108th Ave to sell it. Actually, there is a law here in NYC, that you cannot keep a vehicle in the same spot for 7 days, otherwise it is considered “storage”, but in Jamaica that rarely gets enforced.

Francisco cleaning down the Winnebago from LI parked in Jamaica.

Francisco cleaning down the Winnebago from LI parked in Jamaica.

Pamela asked if Roberto owns the house the Winnebago is sitting in front of, but Francisco did not know.  Actually the house at 164-11 108th Avenue is owned by a Mukhtar Singh and as a side note was given a summons for an illegal basement apartment in 2007, which I am sure today, it more than likely is again an illegal basement apartment. But this is not quite the matter at heart right now, but in a way it really is.

The matter at heart is that everyone and I mean everyone, knows they can pretty much do any type of bullshit in Jamaica and for the most part get away with it, from parking cars on the streets without plates, illegally dumping garbage to illegal apartments to storing a Winnebago on the street and even putting it up over the sidewalk. Again I will use Forest Hills as an example since they have the exact same laws as Jamaica, but do you really think that Winnebago would last even one hour on a residential street there, let alone weeks, which is what this vehicle has been doing, since Pamela has seen that Winnebago there way before I took the photo a week ago. How many cars without license plates are in Forest Hills?  How many illegal apartments are in Forest Hills?  How many tractor trailer trucks are driving on residential streets in Forest Hills? I would venture to say the answer to all three is ZERO. We have the exact same laws as Forest Hills, but in Jamaica the outcomes are completely different.

The reason is not just that we have plenty of bottom of the barrel folks, but we have extremely poor elected officials, a community board that spins around in circles,  lack of any type of leadership, especially from many of our thousand of church leaders (Amity Baptist Church sits right across from his Winnebago) and a major lack of enforcement. The 103rd precinct does what they are capable of doing and Sgt. Cedillo and the Untouchable are doing one hell of a job dealing with quality of life issues. But the 103rd does not have enough police officers considering the size of Jamaica and the high number of crimes that go on daily. So unfortunately, Sgt Cedillo’s crew cannot always focus on quality of life issues,  because they are being pulled in other directions because of being short staff and that is a major NYC administration problem that begins with our Mayor. So when there is a noise problem in low crime area Forest Hills, the police are able to respond quickly, but here in Jamaica, you are lucky if the officers can get to a noise complaint within 8 hours. And that is a broken system that needs fixed. On top of that, the other precinct in Jamaica, the 113th, does not have an “Untouchables Crew” that we are so very lucky to have in Sgt. Cedillo who actually cares about  his job and who actually does something and I am sure gets paid way less than do nothings like Leroy Comrie, Ruben Wills, Malcolm Smith, Vivian Cook, William Scarborough and the other ass wipes of Jamaica.

So seeing a Winnebago stored on the streets in Jamaica and parked halfway on the sidewalk is just par for the course.system fucked up 2



Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick

Merrick Blvd sidewalk before “The Untouchables”.

From Pamela Hazel:

Residents are very pleased and continue to comment on the clear sidewalk. at the location on Merrick Boulevard between 108 & 109 Avenues.

Merrick Blvd sidewalk after "The Untouchables"

Merrick Blvd sidewalk after “The Untouchables”

Just to remind supporters, this is a result of The Untouchables diligent work. Officer Cedillo and his team from the 103rd precinct,  did what local leaders  said was impossible. They simply interpreted and enforced the law on behalf  of residents.

The Untouchables removed  a vast amount of abandoned vehicles (eyesores), throughout their jurisdiction and  warned chop shop owners that they cannot leave their cars on the sidewalk for an extended time. They even gave chop shop owners 24-hours notice.

For years, local leaders said they were working on a strategy, but nothing was done. Needless to say, they were operating under the same law.

However, a few months ago,  The Untouchables set out to assist with the abandoned vehicles’ epidemic. Well, well, well, the once don’t-give-a-damn chop shop owners have a new status ( law abiding citizens).

Team P/J is still working on the garbage situation at the bus stop at this location. Cameras have to be installed. Sooner or later, the cave people will become law abiding folks too.
Thanks again to the Untouchables, your presence has a lasting effect.

A sidewalk is made for walking, and that’s just what we’ll do.

Garbage dump violators will soon be caught.

108th & Merrick, a constant problem of commercial and household garbage.

108th & Merrick, a constant problem of commercial and household garbage.