When Vice-President Biden was here last year, he stated famously (and truthfully) that LaGuardia Airport looked like a “third world country”. And how true he was and how refreshing to hear a leader at his level telling the truth. Now LaGuardia will be getting major upgrades (

Can you imagine if Biden came to Jamaica and toured around the rest of Queens to see what a major third world shit hole the area has turned into, thanks to a recent influx of low-class bottom of the barrel immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Middle East countries and other assorted crap countries. Not to say that all those folks are like that, but a good bit in Jamaica and certain areas in Queens (Jackson Height, South Richmond Hills, Queens Village, Corona, Elmhurst to name a few) certainly are and the proof is in the pudding . Combine that with our own home grown low-class ghetto trash and you have not only have a fucked up community, but a fucked up borough that assholes like Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and others love to make statements about our “wonderful vibrant and diverse population that makes Queens the worlds borough”. For you naysayers, did any of those areas look like that back in the day before the arrival of those folks. Well, Jamaica did, but we have our own homegrown bottom of the barrel low-class ghetto folks that think throwing a baby’s diaper out a window is modern waste management disposal.

Ah, tell me Ms. Asshole Katz, how many of these wonderful vibrant and diverse folks live on your block in Forest Hills?garbage7.21.15 019garbage7.21.15 021garbage7.21.15 004garbage6.7.15 019garbage6.7.15 006garbage6.7.15 023Homeless sleeping

Yes, this man in the downtown area is pissing in  broad daylight near on private property. Nice.

Yes, this man in the downtown area is pissing in broad daylight near on private property. Nice.

Jamaica abandoned home which as a chronic dumping problem.

Jamaica abandoned home which as a chronic dumping problem.

"Jamaica's Element"

“Jamaica’s Element”

A ghetto mess! Just a few blocks from the downtown area.

A ghetto mess! Just a few blocks from the downtown area.

SHIT! All fucking cement and ghetto parking.

SHIT! All fucking cement and ghetto parking.

Just your typical dreck in downtown Jamaica area

Just your typical dreck in downtown Jamaica area

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.


Shoppers World in the background. THE REAL JAMAICA

Shoppers World in the background. THE REAL JAMAICA


Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake's parking lot.

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.


Flake's Church in the foreground.

Flake’s Church in the foreground.


No this is not a quality of life issue that destroys a neighborhood's  quality of not at all, this is just ghetto parking in the hood.

No this is not a quality of life issue that destroys a neighborhood’s quality of life…………no not at all, this is just ghetto parking in the hood.

More third world dreck, no green.

More third world dreck, no green.

You might not be able to tell, but this is one big ass tire, certainly did not come from a car.

You might not be able to tell, but this is one big ass tire, certainly did not come from a car.

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

164-10 107th ave

The city owned property in question.

The city owned property in question.



This is not your typical apartment that gets built in Jamaica, you know the cheap crappy third world shit that gets put up all over and crammed with low-class folks, but then this location on Hillside and 190th is really pushing the Jamaica part, it is more on the outskirts of Jamaica heading to Hollis, but hey it is nice.

Now hopefully management of this building will not tolerate some of our fine low-class newbie immigrants shoving a shitload of people into one apartment, using the balconies as storage or hanging clothes outside the windows or balcony, making it look like the other typical third world shit in the hood.

Come on folks you come to a new country for a better life, don’t make it into the shit hole you came from.

Hopefully this building can attract a “better clientele” that the shit that has been descending into this community in the past 10 years.


From Queens Courier:

Sneak peek inside the newest face of luxury in Jamaica


THE COURIER/Photos by Liam La Guerre 

While community leaders and political officials are working to revitalize Jamaica and hope to hasten an impending real estate boom, a new luxury rental building is opening on the edge of the neighborhood ahead of the explosion.

TCX Development, which is working on numerous projects in Jamaica on the idea that the area is overdue for a transformation, hopes to complete its building at 190-11 Hillside Ave. this month and begin marketing in a few weeks. The Courier got a quick peek inside what owners of the building are calling “Manhattan-style apartments in Jamaica.”

The seven-story apartment building has 21 one-bedroom units and one three-bedroom penthouse.

The units all have modern finishes and luxury touches, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, granite countertops and hardwood floors. Each apartment has a balcony and the penthouse features a wrap-around balcony. One of the penthouse suite’s three bedrooms has a skylight.

Additionally, the rooms include video intercoms and remote-controlled air conditioning and heating, as well as new appliances.

The one-bedroom apartments offer about 680 square feet of space and will retail for about $1,650 per month. The developers aren’t ready to release the price of the penthouse.

The building is also offering 11 parking spots.



It is so funny when I read the other day, that Jamaica is going to be one of five new “hot” areas come 2015. Funny, because the below quality of life issues that plague this community continue over and over again and Jamaica certainly does not look like the next “hot” neighborhood, especially with the large majority of slobs, bottom of the barrel folks, slumlords, a poor excuse of elected officials and a lack of enforcement on many issues.

Plus, no matter what city agency you talk to the same thing “not enough man-power”. This excuse has gotten so fucking old and if NYC was a business, it would have been shut down decades ago. How about enough with the fucking excuses and just enforce the fucking laws on the books. How can you keep cramming more and more people into this city if you 1) do not have the infrastructure to handle it and 2) you say you don’t have the ‘man power”.

Latest Jamaica shit sights:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1. 159-19 Hillside Avenue. The entire stretch of Hillside Avenue on both North and South side is pretty much a third world disaster. Filthy, garbage all over and every shit food and crap retail places everywhere. With a few exceptions, this place is a total mess that makes Jamaica Avenue look like Rodeo Drive.

???????????????????????????????2. Hillside Ave and Wexford Terrace. Can someone finally remove this damn sign. I have reported it several times. Does it take that much effort to remove it. Obviously a large vehicle had to stop here to get this up that high and no one saw anything.

???????????????????????????????3. 172nd Street and 89th Avenue, west side. This mess happens to be on a horrible block, which I a sure back in the days was actually nice. Now, it is just a third world slum, like so much of the area.

???????????????????????????????4. 169-13 90th Ave. The owner of this vacant lot, of course, is never held accountable. It doesn’t help that our local natives are fucking slobs.

???????????????????????????????5. 89-15, 17, 19 170th Street. Can someone hold the properties owners of these third world dreck apartments accountable. You wonder why we have a rodent problem, I mean look at that mess.

???????????????????????????????6. 170th St and 90th Ave. Will we ever have enforcement of trucks traveling illegally on residential streets.  I mean what is so damn hard of having a few traffic officers enforce this, I mean I see traffic enforcement all over the place in this community ticketing everything, especially on street cleaning day,  so what is so hard about this issue.

Yeah, the next “hot” neighborhood……………………………………only if the next big thing is “low-class third world chic”.


Since so many of our Queens leaders have not spoken out enough about the major garbage problem and have not addressed it, ordinary citizens are taking their communities problems to the internet via blogs, twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here is the latest from Astoria. People in Jamaica who are feed up with our major situation, need to start doing the same. Take some personal responsibility.

And to you folks out there who are causing this problem, especially many of you new immigrants from third world countries. CLEAN YOUR SHIT UP.

From Queens Courier:

Instagram account focuses on trash problem in Astoria


Photos courtesy of Astoria Trash

Photos courtesy of Astoria Trash

One Astoria resident is getting a snapshot of what some have called an ongoing problem in the neighborhood.

What started first as a joke in July after the Astorian, who wishes to remain anonymous, noticed she had too many photos of trash on her phone has now become an Instagram account with 111 followers featuring “interesting trash” found on the streets of the western Queens neighborhood.

“Once you start looking for trash in this neighborhood you find a lot,” she said. “It’s not meant to be down on Astoria, it’s just a fun way to show there is a problem.”

The Instagram account called “astoriatrash” includes photos taken by the Astoria local and also submissions from neighbors and other residents, making it what she calls “a community effort.”

Calling herself the “Gossip Girl of trash,” she fills each post on the account with fun captions and hashtags. She said she also likes to try to make some posts holiday themed.

She added that she has become more selective with the photos she posts, trying to find “interesting” or “beautiful” trash.

Councilman Costa Constantinides, who since taking office in January has made keeping Astoria clean a top priority, said he is happy to see a community member spreading awareness of the issue in the neighborhood.

The councilman has allocated over $170,000 in discretionary funding to bring The Doe Fund to Astoria, allocated $30,000 for graffiti removal along business thoroughfares and participated in numerous park clean-ups across Astoria.

“I applaud Astoria residents who care about their community and about how our neighborhood looks. As part of our ongoing public awareness campaign to Keep Astoria Clean, we have encouraged participation from residents,” Constantinides said. “It is heartening to see community members like @astoriatrash play a role in spreading this awareness. I hope more people will be encouraged to help Keep Astoria Clean.”

The Astoria local behind the account, who also started a Twitter account to drive attention to the Instagram, said that some of the problems include a scarcity of trash cans in the neighborhood and a lot of people just throwing trash on the ground.

Although it would be bittersweet to no longer have trash to include on the Instagram, she hopes the problem will be solved.

“As long as there is trash in Astoria, I’ll keep posting,” she said. “But I hope the trash problem is fixed in the community.”

For photos, visit or @astoriatrash on Twitter.

To send photos and tips email




Usually when a business opens up, it is all balloons, bells and whistles, everything is clean, shiny and like spanking brand new, that is, except if you just came off the curry boat and opened up a clothing boutique on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica. I mean why bother with such niceties like a nice sign or awning, let the third world folks feel right at home. All that is missing are maybe some chickens running around the front.

This piece of major shit just recently opened. It don’t get much better than this. Bring the whole family, some can do some laundry next door while you are perusing the fine clothing and then at the end pop in next door for some “rican cuisne”.

The photo says it all!

JUST OPENED. The photo says it all! I mean do you really believe this shit.



This type of cheap shitty problematic apartment building has replaced nice 1-2 family homes in Jamaica.

The powers to be always love to brag that Queens is the most “diverse and vibrant” borough in New York City, but also since it has become the most “diverse & vibrant”, it has also becomes totally shitty, dirty and disgusting, all due to this “diverse & vibrant” population.Garbage 10.17.13 003??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Just take a look all over. Nice 1-2 family homes torn down to put up some shithole cheap third world apartment building crammed with dozens of families, green space in front of homes paved completely over with cement, so said “diverse & vibrant” population can put a shit load of cars in front, tons of illegal apartments, filthy sidewalks & streets, tons of garbage strewn vacant lots where once a nice house sat, overflowing garbage cans and every other shit thing you can think off that makes this borough look like a shit hole third world country.???????????????????????????????

Look at Jamaica, Flushing, Corona, Elmhurst, parts of Woodhaven, parts of Astoria, Richmond Hills, Queens Village, pretty much any area where the “diverse & vibrant” population has laid claim. They have pretty much turned it to SHIT.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If this is what you call progress, you can shove it completely up your ass.

Now don’t get me wrong I like diverse, but we here in Jamaica and Queens just are just getting the bottom of the barrel diverse crew and I mean the fucking bottom.

Dangerous falling apart vacant homes with garbage

Dangerous falling apart vacant homes with garbage

Famers Blvd & 118th Rd 2???????????????????????????????